When Democrats have a meltdown BOY do they have a meltdown.

Yesterday after the House passed the AHCA (which does not repeal Obamacare and has not passed the Senate or the president’s desk so it’s not law yet ANYWAY) the Left totally and completely imploded. Tweet after tweet about people DYING because without Obamacare they won’t survive … it was actually pretty hilarious.

And so much fun for those of us at Twitchy to cover.

On that note, this may be one of the most melodramatic and ghoulish responses yet:

So. Damn. Classy.

At this point you’d think nothing the Left does would surprise anyone … and yet this surprised even us.

Does this mean people who died because of OCare should have their ashes sent to Democrats?

It only seems fair.

Sounds about right.

If we totally got rid of ‘that fake news problem’ HuffPost would have nothing to write about.