Every once in awhile you come across an exceptionally stupid tweet that makes you stop, scratch your head and reread it because your mind can’t quite grasp the stupidity you just read.

This tweet from Iliza Shlesinger is one of those tweets:

Honestly we can’t decide if this tweet is just really stupid or racist.

Maybe a little of both.

As you can imagine, the reaction to Shlesinger’s tweet was not exactly positive:

Yeah, she’s firm in her stupidity.


Oh boy. See, she thought constituents meant cabinet …

Perhaps she should avoid political twitter if she doesn’t know the difference between the two.

This did not go well for her.

She’s clearly not sure.

No one said evil … they did imply she wasn’t all that bright.


We tried to keep up with this thread, and in full transparency even we admit it’s hard to make sense of her silly argument. First she claimed the GOP vote was about Trump and his voters being racist, and then she claimed she screwed up a word, and then she went on some bizarre rant about how she’s evil for using the wrong word?


It’s something else, heh.