Bret Stephens decided to address the haters about his column that caused enough butthurt among the climate change cult to deplete the ozone layer:

From Bret Stephens via The New York Times:

My first column, “Climate of Complete Certainty,” was published last week, and drew more than 1,800 comments on the column and on Facebook. I’m answering some of them here, edited lightly for length and clarity …

He went on to answer a few questions very calmly and politely, which means the climate change mob couldn’t wait to attack him, again:

“No offense but” … nothing good ever comes after the word “but” in that sentence.

Wow. Bret does his best to politely and thoroughly answer questions about his own thoughts on climate change and gets attacked for it.


It’s like clockwork with these folks.

Oh look, it’s the word “but” …


*gasp* How DARE you ask them to read something! White male … err … raccoon privilege!

We do, we do!

Because climate change isn’t about facts, it’s about a doctrine and if you dare speak out against their religion you must be destroyed.

It’s all they know.