When Susan Sarandon is right, she’s right.

And she’s not wrong about Debra Messing.

From The Daily Beast:

So when Sarandon appeared on Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live show Monday night, he asked her if she has run into Messing in real life since their feud began last year.

 “Yes,” Sarandon said, laughing, before adding that she has spotted Messing at some Rangers games in New York, but “she never says anything to me in person.”
“You know, I just think she’s — she’s not very well informed,” Sarandon said, dismissively of Messing. “And so sometimes she gets in areas that she really hasn’t thought through, maybe. She’s Trumpian a little, like that.”

Claws are DEFINITELY out. Heh.

How exactly did Debra Messing try to “save”anyone from a Trump regime? By nagging them on Twitter and pretending people were too stupid to know who to vote for? If nothing else, she and others like her HELPED Trump win.

Wow, Debra is so deep.

Uh-oh, trouble in Progressive-ville.

Umm, you basically said this already.

Meanwhile, Sarandon’s timeline is void of any catty fighting or complaining about Debra Messing … which is all too telling.