Well this is disconcerting.

Maybe CNN should just leave the First Amendment to the adults.

Oh and just FYI, we did read the “article” and it’s as condescending as you would expect. Their points are valid, for example being suspended on Twitter is not against your First Amendment rights, but really most people understand the difference.

Unless of course they were writing this for their Democratic/Leftist base, and in that case they should have gone a step further and used puppets and crayons.

The rest of us though – no thanks.

This may well be written in the “About” section of their website.

But it’s sorta in cursive!

What he said.

Not entirely untrue.

And this is what they were REALLY doing, generating clickbait by exploiting the First Amendment knowing people would be outraged and click it.

Heck we even wrote about it; of course we are making fun of them but still.

Then again they are a sophomoric outlet.