Sounds like the Free Beacon has posted a super controversial op-ed that COULD very well cause people to unsubscribe, much like what happened with the New York Times after posting a controversial climate change op-ed from Bret Stephens.

Clearly someone on their ‘side’ telling the truth was crossing a line in the world of Lefty logic.

We’re not entirely sure Sonny and the Free Beacon are telling the truth in their op-ed though …

Rattling at the ready.

When an outlet uses Kate Upton to mock the NYT? SO MUCH WINNING!

Might not be?!

We are totally rattled, FYI.

Down with the fascists!

So many angry people calling to cancel their subscriptions … OH THE HUMANITY.


We were so outraged in fact we subscribed and then immediately unsubscribed just to show them how super outraged we are.