You’d think Hillary’s daughter would know Andrew Jackson founded HER party.

Interesting how she leaves that little nugget out. Rants and rants about what a horrible man Jackson was without mentioning that he FOUNDED the Democratic Party.

History is a real pain in the butt when you’re someone who likes to pretend you’re something you’re not. Or that your party is something it’s not.

Not to mention how involved her own mother has been with Jackson’s legacy.

Can’t help but notice she didn’t mention this either.

From her mom’s WEBSITE.


Now now, don’t bug Chelsea with the reality of her family, she’s far too busy trying to sideways shame Donald Trump.

That joke will NEVER get old.

One comment did actually seem to bother Chelsea on this thread:

So we’re kinda sorta wondering if she did indeed have to “Google” Andrew Jackson. Although you’d think if she did she’d have realized he was the founder of her party.

Democrats are SO silly.