Uh-oh y’all, Democrats are gettin’ all tough up in here. It would seem the Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party is threatening Americans (guessing Republicans in particular) who ‘keep coming after Linda Sarsour,’ with a direct response.

What are they gonna do? Throw glitter at us?

Oooooh, we’re super scared. Anything but a response with all your heart and soul!

*eye roll*

Careful, the Democrats will come after you …

Hear hear!

We’re not entirely sure what Michael thinks he’s doing, does he really think he can intimidate conservatives? Republicans? Trump supporters? Sarsour is a threat and we intend to keep saying it …

So in other words, come get some.

See? Ain’t no one overly concerned here, Michael.


They’ll respond with mean posters, body odor and pitchouli.

But they said they’d RESPOND man! You know how scary a response is?!


We’re not surprised; just last week they were telling pro-life Democrats to get out of their party.

They’re not very good at this whole winning elections thing.

Editor’s note: This was the first story of the day for our editor this morning and she had the wrong “hear” in her “hear hear.” It has since been corrected because she woke up PLUS a friendly reader reached out. Thanks!