Leftist (Communist?) staff writer for Vice, Eve Peyser, felt that Yale Republicans throwing a barbeque so CLOSE to the supposed hunger strike (where they eat when they’re hungry) was super evil. We even covered it.

Peyser said she wanted to die because the barbeque was SO CRUEL. Yeah, we know … millennials.

Later, after getting slammed left and right all over Twitter for her silly tweet, Peyser doubled-down on silly and tweeted this:

Is there anything more revealing about an agenda than a Communist having a blue checkmark on Twitter?

Communism is BAD, Jack. Bad!

SO much ownage.

Why people would think a barbeque is so cruel they want to die will forever be a mystery to us.

Or would that be barbequed?

But she’s SUPER edgy and stuff!

Perhaps the funniest thing about Peyser is that Capitalism allows her to profit by writing about … Capitalism.

Oh the irony.