Gun-grabbers have proven themselves to be among the more racist people in society. Of course when you realize that the NRA was originally founded to help freed slaves protect themselves it all sort of falls into place.

Like the direction this thread took when a gent who happens to be a black American tweeted about covering the NRA for PolitiChicks:

The article about his dad is awesome, fyi – so awesome in fact that a typical “gunsense” maniac decided to attack him for it. Remember, he was just writing about his father.

They’re so ridiculous.

Indeed. Antonia Okafor will be working on empowering women to carry and we kinda sorta totally love it, and her. She’s awesome, if you get a chance check out her timeline here: @antonia_okafor

And there you have it. The racist shows her true colors by calling Okafor a “token black girl.”


Dana Loesch with the take down.

According to this particular gun-hater no, black women cannot own guns or be a member of the NRA.

Remind us again which party is racist?