We’ve covered the Sean Spicer parody, @sean_spicier, a good deal in recent weeks because for whatever reason far too many Lefties don’t look before they leap into stupid.

And THAT is Twitchy gold.

This time Spicier fooled (and enraged) an account with a blue checkmark, which pleases us a good deal because that means someone Twitter thought enough of to verify was too dense to read a bio.

Many years?

It gets better.

Not only did he respond to the parody, but he got into a ‘fight’ with another person on the thread, never once realizing he already looked stupid …


So boring.

Still hadn’t figured out he’d been taken by a parody.

What do you expect from someone who thinks Obama did a good job? It’s at times like this that we understand how Obama was elected twice – #SoMuchDerp.

Surprised this Al guy doesn’t work for ESPN.