As Twitchy readers (and likely the whole world at this point) know, Joss Whedon tweeted something horrible and vile about teenage girls who survived cancer being greeted at the White House by Paul Ryan. Whedon later apologized (sorta) but clearly he was more interested in trolling Donald Trump than he was in being a decent human being.

James Woods’ hot take on Whedon’s tweet may have won angry Twitter today:

Don’t make James mad, Joss, you wouldn’t like him when he’s mad.

And while his tweet is snarky, the reality is there are likely plenty of people who are angry enough with Whedon to contact Warner Brothers and DC Comics.

Teenage girls.

He’s repugnant.

Whedon admitted he was broken after Trump won the election; maybe he should have just deleted his account at that point.

Nothing funny about it.

The Left is so obsessed with making Trump out to be a horrible person that they have become horrible people.

Well, even more horrible than before.