Only Cosmo could jump the shark this epically.

Seems the publication that normally posts about blue balls and how it’s bad for a man to enjoy giving his woman an orgasm feels like people aren’t being fair to Hillary’s daughter.

The horror.

Well-educated, accomplished woman?


Political celebrity. That’s PERFECT! We have bunches and bunches of these so-called political celebrities who really have no impact on the world around them other than babbling online about … politics.

Sorta sounds like what Cosmo does.

No one has said she can’t post, fair point. On that note, if she posts something stupid (which she does quite often) said posts are fair game.


Eeeeeeh (really bad spelling of the Fonz’s catchphrase, our bad)

Bingo. Share all you want, but don’t pretend that the rest of us have to worship her like you do.

We’re sensing a theme here, Cosmo.

Wait, someone listed at least one of her accomplishments:

Tough crowd.