Watching a talking head from an obviously leftist-biased “outlet” like MSNBC complain about how other networks report on things is sorta like watching a dog with a human body.

It’s just not right, and in fact it might make you a little nauseous.

Case in point:

It’s *amazing* that people care about free speech.

Get outta here.

Yes, it’s the conservatives who need to feel persecuted … remind us again who keeps protesting about vaginas and science?

Those undergrads would need to have a job to even come CLOSE to those nuclear codes and we all know THAT ain’t happenin’ anytime soon.

The nerve.

SO much wreckage!

We can’t tell if the Left is just that clueless or deliberately ignores their own behavior.

Maybe a little bit of both.

Silly, EVERYTHING is our fault.

Ultimately Chris fails to see the irony of his complaining about any bias in the media.

Makes you wonder if this whole rant was a joke but nope … pretty sure he’s not kidding.