The media has been HARPING nonstop about Trump’s first 100 days and what he has (and has not) accomplished. Even people who weren’t exactly Trump supporters are speaking out in support of the president at this point, mainly due to the nonsensical and endless bitching from the Left about everything.

On that note, even if Trump does NOTHING else in the next four years, this accomplishment was YUGE:

He stopped the Left; actually if we’re going to be specific he stopped Hillary which was monumental.

Mic drop ALL day.

To be fair, it doesn’t take much to get the Left in a tizzy but fair point.

Cutting regulations, bombing and killing roughly 100 douchebag terrorists, Mattis, Haley, Gorsuch … just icing on the cake.


Editor’s note: Big thanks to @Judianna for creating and allowing us to use ‘boomity’.