It’s really starting to feel like the Democrats trash Bernie Sanders more than even Trump.

And they wonder why Hillary couldn’t win … besides the fact that she was AWFUL, Democrats ignored a fairly large portion of their base that Bernie appealed to.

Even now they continue to attack Sanders:

Yeah we know, it’s Salon and they suck but still. Talk about a knife in your back – they literally tell Sanders he can’t be a Democrat because he doesn’t segregate the groups within the working class. In other words he’s not sexist or racist enough to be a Democrat.


And a winning strategy indeed.

But they won the popular vote, man! Elector College is totally racist and sexist.


See Democrats, this can’t possibly turn out well for you.

Once a fascist always a fascist.

When you play the “Who’s a bigger victim,” game as your main agenda eventually you all will start eating one another for that prize.

It’s Salon. Rumor is they pay their writers in Snickers bars and box wine.

Who’d notice?

Hey, she said it, not us.

And typical of Hillary supporters within the Democrat party.