Yesterday thousands of people from around the world gathered together to “March for Science”. At least we think they were marching for science, it’s always hard to tell with these marching types who think covering posters in glitter glue actually makes a difference.

While they were busy prancing about tying science into every other agenda item they could think of (our favorite was them pushing the notion that there are dozens and dozens of genders because SCIENCE), IowaHawk made a somewhat startling realization …


Who was doing all of the science stuff when the scientists were busy marching? We’re just lucky the oceans didn’t flood the world yesterday, sheesh.

Us too.

This guy? Not entirely sure we should leave this guy in charge of anything.

Of course these are the same people who keep insisting that Bill Nye is actually a science guy.

Dammit. Way to go, science.


It’s ALWAYS Steve. Poor guy.

Awww and therein lies the harsh reality of having a march just to have a march. No one is trying to take science away, no one is trying to end it. Then again these are the same folks who took part in the Women’s March, and we’re still waiting for them to tell us exactly what they were protesting.

Democrats. *eye roll*