Uh-oh y’all, Bill Nye is mad at CNN for having a climate change “skeptic” on the air …

A skeptic of course who happens to be an actual SCIENTIST.

From The Hill:

Nye was participating in a panel discussion on the network with May Boeve, the executive director of the environmental group 350.org, and William Happer, a physicist and climate change skeptic.

During the segment, Happer argued that the earth is actually getting greener from high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon emissions are considered by the overwhelming majority of climate scientists to be a primary contributor to climate change.

A physicist.

AKA a scientist.

AKA something Bill Nye is not.

Really Bill Nye is just a guy who does a Steve Martin impression and somehow became a climate change expert because he was on TV. Yeah yeah yeah, we get it, he has a degree in engineering or something … but that doesn’t make him a scientist.