When you see a blog that reminds you who the real haters are …

We’re gonna say nope.

Although Lydia Polgreen here disagrees …

The blog is dated April 13 so we’re curious as to when Griswold actually grabbed it.

Well then.

Guessing they didn’t delete it THAT quickly. In fact we’re wondering if it was deleted AFTER Griswold called it out.

He also had copy from the blog:

“God don’t like stupid.”


And Democrats wonder why they can’t win an election.

His greatest hits? Seems like a totally feasible way to get people to vote for you … insulting and threatening them.

Keep it up, Lefties.


More from HuffPost:

Act quickly as in leave something up for possibly eight days and only pull it when someone draws attention to it in a negative manner?


And they say Trump supporters are scary?