Look out, he’s CLAPPING. Things just got REAL …

Nazi opinion? Mate?

Well sorry, mate, but clapping between words in a tweet doesn’t make you less stupid about free speech, just sayin’.

It’s always interesting (and by interesting we mean pathetic and stupid) when people in other countries try to tell Americans what is and isn’t free speech. It never ends well for them.

More clapping! See what he started?

A fascist and a racist? This thread did not seem to go the way Mike wanted it to.

But he’s so edgy with the clapping and swearing .

Well then this Twitchy editor is totally screwed.


One of those things about freedom, it’s not always “nice.” And the moment you stop fighting for the things you disagree with they’ll come for the things you do agree with …

Of course expecting someone like Mike here to understand that clearly makes us Nazis or something.


Hey, that sounds fair.

But NAZI! Mean stuff!

He’s got a lotta clap going on though, will probably take a couple shots.

Hell. Yeah.