Who is this guy again?

Oh YEAH, he’s the one who lost the election in 2016 … that’s right.

Apparently though he thinks he has any place subtweeting the guy who actually won:

Would someone PLEASE get Tim Kaine a map and a dictionary?

And considering Trump has shown he is more than willing to engage people on Twitter you’d think Kaine would at least have the cajones to tag him … but nah, he subtweets like a coward.

Or like a teenage girl, both work.

Are we really amazed considering his party wants illegal immigrants to vote because it’s the only way they can win?

Wait, even THAT wasn’t enough for them to win last year.


Clueless. Yup.

Shhh, they need to push the idea that the GOP hates all immigrants so they can pretend we’re racists.

In a world filled with Google maps we’re AMAZED Kaine didn’t know this.

Wait, it’s Tim Kaine … never mind.