Just when you thought third-wave feminism couldn’t get any MORE annoying, enter the self-deprecating, penile-apologist, third-wave feminist male nagging other men for calling women, “female.”

Because apparently being a female is insulting. Who knew?

Take Alex Kotch here, who has written for classy rags like Vice and Salon:

THEORY: Dudes who call other dudes awful for calling women ‘females’ are extra awful.

What a nag, right? And yeah, it does sorta sound like something a chick would say … not to mention taking screencaps to tattle on people on Twitter is also very chick-like.

Of course this guy is complaining that males would address women as female so what do you expect?

Look, more screencaps

They travel in packs ya’ know, so WATCH out:

So wait, is calling a woman “babe” better or worse than calling her a “female”?

These third-wave feminist rules are super confusing.

Editor’s note: Before Alex or any other SJW gets fussy about this article just an FYI, a woman wrote it. Merry Christmas.