Time Magazine has released its list of the top 100 most influential people and as you might guess, the list is absolutely ridiculous.

Samantha Bee, really?

Awww yes, Elizabeth Warren who lied about her heritage, who charges hundreds of thousands of dollars to teach a class and who played victim when she was called out for breaking rules in the Senate is somehow super influential.

The only thing that could make this funnier is if they had some bleeding-heart, progressive know-it-all from California write the tribute.

Oh wait, they did.

Via Time:

And it was just the latest example of this plainspoken daughter of the Plains standing up for the middle class and the marginalized.

Daughter of the Plains.

Hrm. Is Kamala referencing growing up in the midwest or is this some tie to being Native American? There is an old western called “Daughter of the Plains” …

Just sayin’.