Shannon Watts attacked one of her own supporters so badly on Twitter he left her movement.

Said interaction took place because of this video:

Forget there is no such thing as reproductive rights, but the fact that a 16 year old is concerned enough about them to speak to a senator this way? Troubling to say the least.

Of course Shannon Watts saw this as some sort of empowering piece because she tweeted this:

The future is female.


One of her supporters must have agreed with us because he confronted Watts about her tweet …

HOW DARE HE! Evil male oppressor. (ha!)

Actually he’s spot on.

In her movement, shouldn’t she be pushing for equality and inclusion for all?

Apparently not.

Yeah silly man, it’s ok for women to be treated as a protected class because they’re SPECIAL, not equal.

Lost another one, Shannon. Way to go!

She is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous.

Leave it to Shannon Watts to ostracize her own movement …

It seems he’s not ok being a male member of your group, Shannon, because you just attacked him for daring to disagree with you, which led to him no longer supporting you.

By all means though, keep it up.


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