Okay WaPo writers, we know reading really isn’t your thing BUT you might want to make sure you’ve read something correctly BEFORE making a mistake this yuge.

Daniel W. Drezner, writer at the Washington Post, tweeted that Sessions described illegal aliens as filth …

Thanks to Alex Griswold from the Free Beacon for highlighting what Sessions actually said.

Sessions called the criminal organizations (aka cartels and such) filth – which is absolutely TRUE. He did not call illegal immigrants filth but hey, when has the MSM owned up to their mistakes? Besides, the reaction Drezner will get from his followers is well worth it for him, right?

Ya’ think? And hey, is over-interpreted another way to say LIED?

And sorry, Spicer making a fool of himself doesn’t have anything to do with blatantly lying about Sessions.

*sad trombone*

Clearly this ‘writer’ has a bias where Sessions is concerned or he wouldn’t have read it this way.

Or then again he might’ve. Who knows with these people?

All signs point to yes.

Crazy right?