Stop it.

What a ridiculous tweet, trolling the White House over a show that PBS doesn’t even own anymore.

WE can’t even! Would someone PLEASE tell Chelsea that Sesame Street is on HBO?!

Per an OLD CNN Media article:

Through a deal with HBO, the beloved children’s television show, which champions fairness and equality, will be pay-walled.

New episodes will be available first to paying HBO subscribers, then for free via PBS nine months later.

Seriously, this is just getting embarrassing.

C’mon, they need to push the narrative that Trump is being mean to Sesame Street …

Gettin’ serious up in here, using the clap tweet even.

Honestly, if this is her “I just can’t” moment she should consider herself LUCKY. It’s another reminder how out of touch not only Democrats but the Clintons in particular are with everyday people. Guessing a family having a “just can’t” moment because the ACA nuked their insurance doesn’t resonate with someone like Chelsea.

She’s too busy being triggered by a muppet.