Sometimes Twitter is just … Twitter. And you can’t help but roll your eyes so hard you see behind yourself.

Take for instance this back-and-forth between Senior Editor at The New Republic, Jeet Heer, and a gent who took him to task for being snobby about White House sources.

In the good ol’ days no one they disagreed with had access to the White House, is that what he meant to say?

Look out, truth bomb at 2 o’clock.

And absolutely fair point. Under Obama, openly biased Leftist media groups were being treated like legit news outlets but that’s ok with Jeet because he agrees with thatΒ narrative.

In fact he thinks it’s ‘factual’.

Don’cha love when journos get all smug and haughty with us “normal people”? Like we’re all too stupid to understand how biased Leftists rags aren’t anything like biased Righty rags.

Boom again. Pretty sure most thinking people react in the same way – taking none of them seriously. Of course it’s hard to take media in general seriously these days but even more so the obvious and openly biased.

HA HA HA HA! Oh man, excuse us for just a minute, Vox in PARTICULAR is highly committed to factual accuracy?!

HAAAAAAAA. Air, we need air …

Vox is committed to SOMETHING, but it ain’t ‘factual accuracy’.