Earlier this week, Ben Shapiro appeared at the University of Florida sparking protests and all sorts of angry, cranky types who don’t like people to disagree with them.

Like this footage from Devin Sena (@DevinSenaUI) of an Associate Professor being interviewed by Eduardo Neuret (@eduneret) before Shapiro spoke:


This lady is SUPER fixated on transgender people somehow being victims of so-called hate speech.

Oh, and she says no comment about being a professor but Sena did catch this photo:


Looks like she might be a professor afterall … of course the fact that she wants ‘hate speech’ outlawed kinda sorta gave her away in the first place.

Oh, and as if the footage of an associate professor with a silly sign rambling on about how mean speech is wasn’t enough, check out this footage of students building an ACTUAL safe space.

No seriously, they did.

Bet mom and dad love that they’re paying for this!

Editor’s note: Big thanks to Devin Sena for sharing these videos with us. Devin is the president of Turning Point USA at DSC.


They can’t EVEN! University of Florida Lefties totally TRIGGERED over Ben Shapiro appearance