Justice Neil Gorsuch has officially been confirmed to the United States Supreme Court.

Can we get a Hell yeah?

As expected, the Left is screeching about how the GOP cheated and that Gorsuch is a big ol’ meanie head who actually adheres to the law and that’s a bad thing … for whatever reason.

These two tweets from Cecile Richards are just icing on the cake really.

She seems worried about Planned Parenthood, huh, wonder why?

There are lots and lots and lots (and lots) of women who support Neil Gorsuch including this editor. And honestly what we fear the most is people like Cecile Richards pretending our rights and our actions should focus on killing the most innocent.

The notion that women’s empowerment is based on removing lives that inconvenience you is repugnant.

Oh yes, we are “woke”. And women have been “woke” for years – we’re onto you, Cecile, and your death organization. We’re done pretending that you represent us or anything we hold dear.

You’re right, it’s time for action. —> #JusticeGorsuch