Remember when Kamala Harris said she couldn’t support Neil Gorsuch because he puts too much emphasis on legalism? In other words, apparently Kamala doesn’t want a Supreme Court justice to adhere to the law because it’s mean or something.

Yeah, it makes ZERO sense to us as well.

Here she is posting her no vote, which is adorable because she thinks it actually matters:

Hey Kamala, soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch says to tell you hi.

The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Just let her go, she’s on a roll.

But the PEOPLE!!!

FYI what Kamala Harris and other Democrats like her mean when they say corporations is the Constitution. Don’t let her or any of them fool you.

They don’t care. This isn’t about Neil Gorsuch at all, it’s about Gardner and the Democrats being big-ass babies who didn’t get their way. Nothing more.