Watching the Left squirm as we get closer and closer to confirming Neil Gorsuch has become one of our favorite hobbies. Sure, this video from Elizabeth Warren is painful to watch (and she consistently replaces the word Constitution with corporation), but you can tell she’s getting desperate at this point.

Which pleases us because we know her party set this all up.

Gorsuch is a Constitutional literalist, which means he does not try and interpret what the law might mean. He takes it at face value which is what judges should do.

In the case of Hobby Lobby (which Warren uses to pretend he voted against women’s rights), Gorsuch protected the owner’s First Amendment rights by not forcing them to provide certain types of birth control.

And seriously, she is the last one who should be talking about women’s rights:

We included this just for the ‘Princess Lie My Ass Off’ reference … heh.

The reality of why Warren opposes Gorsuch really is simple: