Another day, another silly tweet from Chelsea Clinton.

Hey, at least she’s not melting down over a photo of Lincoln in a MAGA hat this week … that was HILARIOUS.

No, this time she’s being super deep and thoughtful, or thoughtLESS depending on how you read this:

Chelsea, all you do is tweet … which is really just a bunch of words with inaction. Or should that be words without action?

Harsh. But true.

You’d think by now she would know better than to tweet such things but then again, she is a Clinton.

She’ll just write speeches with a bunch of words and how words are inaction … or something.

Honestly her tweet confused the Hell out of us and it reads a lot like it came from a fortune cookie.

A bad one.


It’s deep and edgy, right? We’re just waiting for her to tweet that D-O-G really spells cat.


The Catch 22 of being Hillary’s daughter – she’d be nothing without her parents, but she might also be taken more seriously without her parents.

*sad trombone*

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