Parody can be very difficult; you have to be funny and yet believable. Or you have to engage with brain-dead people who are so mad at the world they get ‘shouty’ out of the gate.

Luckily for Sean SPICIER (@sean_spicier) the well-known Sean Spicer parody, 99.99999% of the Left is brain-dead and shouty.

Like this angry atheist guy:

The Left is a parody unto itself. Seriously.

Would someone, anyone, remind these people that the Press Secretary’s name is Sean SPICER? And that while Twitter is clearly super biased in their blue check distribution, even Sean has one.

We will seriously just ‘park’ on his timeline and wait for a dummy to get mad at him … it’s like clockwork.

And like the others, angry atheist guy deleted his tweet and so we induct him into the “Hall of Lame” with the other shouty types.


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