Cecile Richards seems upset … gosh, wonder why?

Not a good look? Are you high? It’s a GREAT look.

Yesterday VP Mike Pence voted to give back power to the states to determine their own budgets. Yeah, we know Cecile preferred Obama’s ruling that controlled the states and disallowed them from cutting funding to Planned Parenthood.

Of course the Feds had no right to do that in the first place, so Pence and Senate Republicans fixed it.

Honestly if Planned Parenthood was really that worried about women receiving actual care in their facilities they’d just stop doing abortions; remember the deal Trump offered them? So we know this is just another ploy to keep those federal dollars flowing in (and flowing out to Democrats).

Oopsie. That’s a YUGE salary … we’re shocked the Left isn’t shaking their fists about how she’s evil for making this much money. Something like how if she would only take half of that thousands more women could receive care?

Like that’ll happen.

Nope, but we must give credit here, Planned Parenthood has done an amazing job in marketing abortion as women’s rights. It’s apparent many uninformed women (and men) think defunding them is a violation of their rights.

Time to change the message and shine a light on who these people really are.

And this vote is a step in that direction.


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