This sounds helpful.

A college degree.

To wipe butts, runny noses and hand out snacks to kiddos. Hey, we support children getting great care but this is RIDICULOUS.

Sure, plenty of people want to spend years in college and go into mounds of debt so they can be a child-care worker.

Not to mention the number of people without college degrees who typically work in these jobs, they will be unemployed now.

WTG D.C. – always looking out for the little guy, ain’t ya?

Is there anything in D.C. that’s not insane?

How much is this gonna cost us?

Serio? So you can lead the free world without a degree but you can’t wipe a baby’s butt in D.C. without one … oh the irony.

For real.

At LEAST, if you’re lucky. For many it may make more sense financially as the cost goes up to just stay home.


FINALLY, the folks worried about the mating rituals of mosquitoes in Aruba will have a real job.

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