Why wouldn’t Planned Parenthood want a reporter talking to supporters at one of their open-to-the public rallies?

Makes you wonder what they’re hiding.

Kelsey Harkness is a multi-faceted writer/reporter with years of experience … which is probably why they didn’t want her talking to anyone at their rally.

But again, these would be supporters so what were they worried about?

Oh yeah, that they’d tell the TRUTH.

They were likely worried Kelsey would ask them if they’d ever been seen for anything other than an STD or abortion, gotta keep up that whole “health care” lie they’ve been spewing for years now.

Planned Parenthood is super focused on damage control right now, so it would seem they don’t even trust their own people NOT to tell the truth about who they are.

Public or secret, they clearly want to keep their true identity hidden … which is silly really, we all know who they are.