It’s all about ‘the man’, Ashley. You found them out.

*eye roll*

And we know she’s just sharing bat-crap crazy from the New York Times, but clearly it resonated with her enough to post it.

Every day a bunch of men sit around and try to figure out how to piss Ashley Judd and other feminists off … seriously, we’ve seen agendas for it: “Top item on agenda, making feminists implode by taking all-male photos.”

Eh? Honestly only people who are looking to be outraged over some crazy conspiracy that men are out to destroy women notice these sorts of things … most normal people probably see the photo and headline briefly before reading the article.

But hey, if it helps you sleep better at night to think it’s some grand conspiracy, knock yourself out.

Shhh, evil men at work.


Trump! Russia! Dogs and cats, living together! MASS HYSTERIA.

Dude, pointing that out is sexist or racist or something.

If that picture was of all women Ashley would be squee’ing about female empowerment and how chicks get things done.

See, it’s all about strategery.