When you hear someone say, “Don’t mess with Texas,” that makes sense.

We wouldn’t mess with Texas.

But when you hear someone say, “Don’t mess with California,” you shake your head and laugh a little, right?

Kamala Harris apparently thinks we should be intimidated by California and even funnier, by Governor Moonbeam aka Jerry Brown.


Disaster for the country.

That’s adorable.

Notice no one seems overly worried about messing with California.

Shh … she’s busy pretending she matters to the rest of the country. Don’t bother her with her own state. Silly.

DON’T MESS WITH US, but keep giving us a bunch of money because we can’t figure out how to run our own state. Right.

They certainly don’t need our help.

Kamala, when you’re losing your own base? Maybe time to rethink this whole retweet strategy; of course that would mean she has to actually do something other than tweet and flap her gums.


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