We could totally get behind this …

“Wait, that guy in front of us in the drive thru just ordered coffee for FIVE PEOPLE?! TREASON!”

“Did you see that jerk going so slow in the left-hand lane? TREASON!”

Yeah, both of these situations are really stupid (and totally NOT treasonous) but so is Geraldo for saying this about the Freedom Caucus:

“The health care, I don’t blame President Trump and I don’t blame Speaker Ryan for the failure of the health care bill. What you have there was the knife in the back, the treason, the treachery of the Freedom Caucus? What is the freedom caucus? It’s 40 or so congressmen who are free from responsibility.“

Wow. Treason for adhering to the promises Republicans have made to repeal Obamacare for the last eight years.

The fact that Geraldo is complaining that they stopped the healthcare bill is more than enough proof that the bill was awful.

Knowing the Tea Party is the basis of the Freedom Caucus no one should be surprised, least of all Geraldo, that they would stop any bill that didn’t truly repeal Obamacare.

That’s not treason, that’s common sense.