Watching this parody account (@sean_spicier) has quickly become one of our favorite things because not only does he/she write hilarious tweets, he/she fools so many reactive, emotional and unpleasant-in-general Lefties.

Like this tweet from #MuslimWomensDay:

They are SO QUICK to believe that any member of Trump’s administration would say something like this that they react before looking for the blue check … and then the entertainment really begins.

Let’s just hope they never figure it out.

Ahem. He’s a parody.

No he’s not serious because he’s a parody. But thanks for stopping by.

Laughable because it’s HILARIOUS. Oh, and he’s a parody.

Foolish, ignorant tweep – this is a parody.

How does it feel to be the guy who fell for an obvious parody on Twitter?

Oh man, Twitter … don’t you ever change.

We seriously wish Sean Spicer was this funny.