Anyone else find it odd when a Socialist talks about rights?

Bernie Sanders desperately needs to read the Constitution OR someone should break out puppets and crayons and explain it to him because he is CLEARLY confused.

As evident in this tweet:

Huh? No one has said that people who can’t afford health insurance should die, they have just said the government shouldn’t play a part. Of course if you try and explain basic economic theory to people like Bernie their eyes just glaze over and eventually they call you a racist.

Interesting how it’s greedy for people to want to keep the money they earn but somehow not greedy for people like Bernie (who have three houses, mind you) who want to take that money from you.

Thomas Sowell is so wise.

Thinking that otherwise that would be called slavery? Just spitballin’ here.

Seems sorta clunky right? Wouldn’t fit on a bumper sticker either.

Socialists. *smh*

This all stems from the fact that Democrats are pretending they stopped the #AHCA …

When in reality it was Conservatives and the Freedom Caucus because the law didn’t actually repeal Obamacare.

Should we tell him?