Whoa, this was put out by the NYT? Would someone please check Hell and let us know if it froze over or not?

Check this out:

Via The New York Times:

Polls indicate that the nation holds mixed views about abortion. About 80 percent of Americans don’t want to criminalize it again. At the same time, at least 60 percent of Americans — and most likely a higher percentage of Catholics — oppose abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Yet despite the clear complexity of those attitudes, political discourse largely ignores the possibility of a middle ground between making all abortions legal or prohibiting them entirely. Mrs. Clinton, like most Democratic politicians, fell into this either/or trap last year.

Makes sense, right?

Many pro-aborts didn’t seem to think so:

Boy, these people sure are committed to the killing of the unborn.

Umm … abortion is murder? Just sayin’.

But there’s already a rule that says murder is illegal; it’s the pro-aborts who keep trying to redefine life. *shrug*

And THERE it is … EL. OH. EL.

So typical.

Hey, if abortion is the hill Democrats are willing to die on who are we to stop ’em?

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