Oh boy.

What he’s referring to is his own crazy ranting about how we should let Hillary Clinton be president because of Russia; he also called for another election. Maybe he missed it but the Constitution already has a process for this so even if Trump was impeached (unlikely), Pence would be president. Then Paul Ryan.

And then to challenge prominent Conservatives on Twitter like Jonah Goldberg, Ben Howe, Stephen Miller and others to debate this? Peter clearly missed that whole, “Don’t start none won’t be none” thing … this was brutal.

Their memories are short and selective.


Jonah didn’t even really bother with him, lol.

Walking Dead is definitely more interesting than engaging Peter Daou and his fantasies about President Clinton.

Ben Howe’s back and forth was short and sweet … ok, so it wasn’t sweet but it was DEFINITELY short.

*sad trombone*

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