Not even Ivanka’s one-year-old son, Theodore, is safe from unhinged Lefties and their ridiculous vitriol.

What a gorgeous photo of a new mom and her newborn son; and honestly what a lovely way to celebrate a first birthday. Those moments right after a baby is born are some of the most precious of a mom’s life …

Of course that didn’t stop the Left from attacking Ivanka AND her son because they just hate anything related to Trump. Even a baby.



No one tried to take maternity care away from anyone, they just know government shouldn’t be paying for it.

This is not difficult.

This is one of those tweets where you roll your eyes so far back that you can see behind you.

Stop it.

Oh yeah, remember this? Ivanka dared to celebrate her son’s eighth month of life and the Left attacked her for it way back then.

Some things never change.

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