Granted, talking about “Trump’s perfect genes” is sorta creepy and odd but other than that … eh.

Apparently it was enough to prove to Shaun King that Trump is somehow a white supremacist though.

Hey don’t look at us, we just work here.

The root of Trump’s white supremacist ideology … he got all of that out of some bizarre Vanity Fair headline?

Social justice warriors are weirdos.

NOT sure if she was slamming Shaun or not, but considering his history of being sideways about his own genes, we thought this was pretty damn funny.

Of course he does, that’s literally how he makes his living.

If people of different skin colors figured out that we aren’t all racists and that we don’t really all hate each other he’d have to get a real job.

The horror.

We loved this throwback to Chelsea Handler’s bumble when she attacked Eric and Lara Trump’s birth announcement.

Look on the bright side, even if you’re not thrilled with Trump’s actions over the past week (and many of us are not), the Left just keeps on being … well, the Left. And ain’t they entertaining?