Well this certainly sounds legit.

“Sorry officer, I didn’t mean to hit the deer but I was super distracted by that giant Bigfoot in my rearview mirror. No, I haven’t been drinking, why do you ask?”

Idaho. Psh.

Gotta love a Hillary/Bigfoot joke.

HEY, she started it with all of this nonsense about coming out of the woods.

There was likely some awesome pantsuit sale in Boise, ID that she had to get to because ya’ know, all of the best pantsuits are made in Idaho.

Right? Just last week we were driving along and BOOM, Bigfoot hanging out at a Wawa.

It’s clearly a real epidemic.

Hrm. MAYBE, although the Hillary ‘woods’ reference is what makes the joke work. But then again, Nancy looks a little like one too … maybe it’s a Democrat thing?