Stephen King thinks Republicans are mean to poor people.

And he said Salon is articulate; we’re not entirely sure what’s more offensive here:


How old is Stephen? His 60’s? And he’s saying Republicans are big meanies … welcome to Liberalism 101.

Hey, apparently expecting more of people and not enabling them to fail is mean.

Besides, Democrats NEED people to stay poor because they are literally their bread and butter.

If the poor became successful whatever would the Left bitch about?

And speaking of MEAN:


Heartless. Right.

Because wanting to succeed is such a BAD thing.

Holy Hell people.

Wow this is hateful. But tell us more about how mean Republicans are.


It’s funny how absolutely GROSS, and even mean, the Left behaved on this thread, likely because they think those they disagree with deserve to be attacked.

We always knew the Left was full of bullies, but seeing SO much hatred in writing. WOW.

Editor’s note: This tweet from Stephen King made one of our editors so mad she could hardly write about it … but she managed.