It would appear Sally Kohn thinks the Democrats are all big and bad in attempting to filibuster Gorsuch. So big and bad in fact that she assumes Republicans will scream about their efforts …

Should we tell her?


As Twitchy reported, Chuck Schumer said he would be joining with other Democrats in an attempt to filibuster Gorsuch. An attempt that will only be met with a giant, nuclear explosion, aka 51 votes (thanks Harry).

Glorious, ain’t it?

And seriously, she thinks Gorsuch is an extremist. Since when is adhering to the Constitution extreme?

Oh wait, it’s Sally Kohn we’re talking about here, never mind.

Fair point. Was he that extreme 11 years ago when Senator Obama and other Democrats confirmed him unanimously? This is just more sour grapes because they didn’t get to pick the new SCOTUS justice.


But feeeeelings man. Law should be interpreted with feelings because otherwise it’s extreme.

Is that how this works?


Oh Harry Reid, Republicans seriously owe you lunch.

This is hilarious.

‘Nuff said.