ISIS claimed responsibility for the London Attack, so of course Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour wants to remind everyone that evil has no religion.


It’s just a coincidence that all of these attacks have been committed by the SAME GROUP claiming to follow the SAME FAITH.

Of course we should point out that not all Muslims are terrorists; although to be fair it sure seems like a super majority of terrorists are Muslims.

Just sayin’.

She needs to pretend this ‘evil’ is a separate entity, otherwise she would have to admit sometimes terror and evil do have a religion.


Disproportionate indeed

Surely it’s just a coincidence.

An AWFUL lot. Meanwhile we’ll hear about how scared moderate Muslims are that the world will blame them for the terror attack, thus making moderate Muslims the actual victims.

It’s like clockwork.

We’d buy a ticket for that.

Probably a little bit of both.