Have we mentioned how much we adore Judge Neil Gorsuch?

The dude is RAD.

Even when Senator Dianne Feinstein was trying to make him look like he’s anti-woman with a silly question about Roe v Wade, he was polite, friendly and articulate.

And a total badass.

Could he make Dianne look any dumber? He didn’t even have to try.


Dianne is trying to make Roe v Wade some super law that if confirmed, Gorsuch wouldn’t be able to overturn. Of course she’s absolutely wrong but hey, whatever helps her sleep at night.


Not so much painful – we got a YUGE laugh out of it.

Betting no one told her to say ‘super-precedent,’ she’s just not that bright and thought it would make Roe v Wade sound more important or something.

What’s even funnier is we found this footage retweeted on HER timeline, like she is proud of how she asked this question.